Golddigga!: A Six-Word Memoir

“This is your payback, money grabber.”

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Memory Lane

An old notebook

and older haikus sighted!

I was good back then.

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Out of the frying pan …

Jumping from fire

to fire is ill-advised.

Would not recommend.

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So Nice: A Six-Word Memoir

I love being free of you.

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Slow Burn Management

Well, that helped about

absolutely nothing. Zilch.

One long week ahead …

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Skeletons: A Six-Word Memoir

Stay in the closet, would ya?

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Yet to be determined

Maybe when my life

slows down enough, I’ll post.

(When does that happen?)

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Straight out of nowhere

it comes hurtling toward me!

It’s just what I need.

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Told You So: A Six-Word Memoir

Already, the blog’s my abandoned child.

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It’s only the first

real due date and I’m behind.

Hard habit to break!

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